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Catherine Hodgson joined YPO (Young Presidents Organization) as a member in 2009 and was involved in one of the first mentoring pilots in Cape Town, becoming Chapter Mentoring Officer and then Africa Regional Mentoring Officer, developing mentoring training materials and holding the first YPO mentoring training workshop.


Catherine was YPO Global Mentoring Chair on two YPO international committees for 5 years (2012-2018), rolling out the YPO Mentoring program to chapters around the world, developing and launching Mentoring Masterclasses, an online mentoring platform YPO MentorCloud and training mentoring facilitators. She developed a mentoring model, The Catherine Wheel, in 2017 which has been adopted by YPO as their mentoring model for their program.

As a YPO Mentoring Facilitator, Catherine runs masterclasses globally on mentoring and conversational skills. She continues to develop mentoring materials for her company as well as companies that she consults to. She is a sought after speaker and consultant to companies and online mentoring platforms. Catherine is also a YPO Certified Forum Facilitator and runs all forum training types as well as forum retreats. 

Catherine is the co-founder and CEO of The Hodgson Group in South Africa for the past 24 years. After working in marketing in the corporate world, Catherine and her husband started their own companies supplying the retail chains with homeware, kitchenware and beauty products. As CEO, Catherine leads a team in Cape Town importing, warehousing and being an agent for retailers in South Africa.


She believes passionately in lifelong learning and has been on a personal journey of lifelong learning in the mentoring and coaching fields. Catherine studied Conversational Intelligence under the late Judith Glaser for 18 months and was certified in Conversational Intelligence in 2019. She is a Certified Results Based Coach and also studied Brain Based Conversations, both through the NeuroLeadership Institute in 2020. Catherine was certified as a YPO Forum Facilitator in 2022.  

Catherine is author of The Mentoring Roadmap, the ultimate guide for mentors and mentees


Married with two adult daughters, she lives in Cape Town, South Africa and spends part of the year sailing with her husband in Europe.

“I’m passionate about mentoring, coaching and facilitation, making a difference, giving back and sharing my learning with others. For me, the magic happens in the conversation. When I see the impact that mentoring and coaching has on people’s lives, it makes it all worthwhile”

Certified Conversational Intelligence ce
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