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A world-class online mentoring technology platform built on deep domain expertise and AI. It connects and matches mentors and mentees on the platform as well as providing a networking and learning to its users.

Young Presidents Organization is a global leadership community of Chief Executive Officers with approximately 36,000 members in more than 142 countries. YPO unites members through the mission of becoming Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange. 

Marriott International, Inc. was formed in 1993 when Marriott Corporation split into two companies: Marriott International, Inc., which franchises and manages properties, and Host Marriott Corporation (now Host Hotels & Resorts), which owns properties.


Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a diversified supply chain solution company serving the South African Market. Our highly successful business model incorporates innovative design, implementation expertise and the continuous delivery of world class supply chain solutions for our customers.


We are an international business law firm working as one integrated team for a single goal – helping clients succeed in business.

With 45 partners and more than 250 lawyers and tax specialists, we have the resources to support our clients on all business law and tax issues involving our region. Founded in 1995, the firm has worked on many significant mandates for international and local clients.


A Dallas based human resource company. Technology is quickly transforming the workplace. TalentWell Partners operates at the junction of human capital and technology to expand growth potential for the enterprise and individual.


Empowr matches women to mentors who can help them with career-related issues. Mentor sessions last one hour and are focused on a single topic. Users have access to many different mentors, with a wide range of expertise. Efficiency is the key: you have a question regarding your career, and we will find a mentor to help you answer that question. Our app provides support without the high cost and time demands of traditional coaching or mentoring.

Sean Magennis
YPO member

Past CEO YPO and Coaching International


Catherine, virtually single handedly, created, designed, and launched the YPO Mentorship program and not only delivered the initial trainings but ensured that execution and improvements were established and followed through on.


She has a warm yet professional manner and is highly organized and diligent in everything she does. Her evolved self-awareness and high EQ stand out for me as the key behaviors behind her success. Catherine also takes responsibility, confidentiality and integrity very seriously.


In my role as President and COO of YPO, we worked closely for many years and I could always count on Catherine to shoot me straight and provide sound and strategic advice from her own extensive business, YPO and personal experience. In a word she was exceptional to work with. I developed a deep personal regard for Catherine over those many years.

Kavit Handa

YPO Dubai Integrated

I had the honor of serving with Catherine on the International Learning Committee of YPO between 2016 and 2018, where she was oversighting and strategically guiding the roll out of Mentoring across the organization. Her passion and drive for YPO and mentoring are still examples that I share with incoming members about servant leadership delivering rewards to both our community as well as those who take on leadership roles.


During our time on the learning committee, we engaged in numerous forum style activities, and I always found Catherine to be present, authentic and willing to share her experiences for the whole group to benefit.


Her great success in business, raising two wonderful young ladies who have followed in their mothers’ entrepreneurial shoes and her ability to find a life balance where her and her husband spend months at sea indulging their passion for sailing speak volumes of the credibility, diversity and gifts of wisdom that she would be able to share with fellow YPO members. That she is already a highly revered mentoring facilitator only goes further in demonstrating how her magnetic personality would extend to and benefit many forums. 


Of course, with all these positive attributes, there must be something that would make her a better candidate, and I think that if we could clone Catherine and have someone like her in each region that would be the improvement that I would seek.

Justin Taylor

YPO Singapore International Board of Directors 2017–2020

International Vice Chairman 2019/2020


I came to know Catherine through our service together on the International Networks Committee and then the International Education Committee (as the Learning committee then was). I subsequently had the privilege of leading Catherine when I served as the Chair of the Learning Committee. Catherine’s willingness to serve on these International Committees reflects a very strong desire to broaden her experience beyond her Chapter and Region, and too be of service to our Members and the YPO Organization. Throughout the time I worked with Catherine, I found her to be passionate about YPO and its ability to make a positive contribution to our members’ lives. She honours her commitments, and was tireless and inspirational in the work and effort she put in to serve our Members.


She’s very personable, open, authentic, willing to be vulnerable and also frank and honest in a positive and respectful way.


Walter Frey, YPO Durban

Thank you Catherine , it’s wonderful to see your  passion , talent and tenacity combined in action . 

Brandon Chia, YPO Singapore 

Thank you once again for conducting a stellar workshop. You have energised our region and imparted not just knowledge, but also infused the mentoring spirit in all of us. It was such a privilege seeing yourself in action. Haji and I are super inspired and hope that you will always be in touch to guide us and support us.

Terry Bantock,

CEO Unitrans

That was amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I owe you from the company perspective and as much from a personal perspective. Your slides, the participation, etc - you are amazing! 

Jianying He, YPO Sea Dragon, China

Extremely relavant. Well organized, well orchestrated, and balanced lecturing and practicing

Sala Price, YPO Chapter Manager

You provided our membership with such great insight and take home value which was a huge inspiration to all.  Your time and efforts was greatly appreciated and  it was a privilege to have had you as our Resource. 


Greg Nieuwenhuys, YPO London

Today has been the best event I've joined in a long time! 

(Greg joined the YPO  London Mentoring Masterclass Live Virtual event ) 

Pavel Streber, YPO France

Fabulous clear complicated thoughts put in elegant ways. It pushed me to think more deeply. There was personal growth which I didn't expect

Shirley Santoso, YPO Indonesia

Many thanks again for the great session with lots of learnings and insights! It was really wonderful to see the level of engagement and interaction throughout the session. Thank you very much again for generously sharing your time and experience! I found the session really helpful and exciting.

Abhijeet Khadilkar, Mentorcloud 

Catherine conducted another fantastic Mentoring Masterclass, this time for a customer Merck Applied Solutions. The challenge was to condense it into 45 minutes and she did that so eloquently.

Merck, Applied Solutions participants 

" Thank you, fantastic presentation and slides! Your case studies are very helpful too."

"Very good and your level of Energy is just exceptional."

From Marriott Hotels participants:

  • Thank you for a really positive session with concrete guidance. The listening in particular was a real eye (ear?) opener

  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful session

  • Thank you, Catherine, was great session very insightful

  • Thank you so much, beautiful session.


  • This presentation was so wonderful. Lots to take away and ruminate on and apply to mentee/mentor relationships both. Thank you Catherine!!

  • Thank you for walking us through your guidelines for mentorship Catherine, it helped me realize how much more of an active role I can take in making my mentor/mentee relationships stronger,

  • Thank you Catherine, It was all really interesting, especially the Catherine Wheel methodology, I did not know about it, thank you

  • Thank you, wonderful session!

  • Thank you for sharing your wisdom C!


From Empowr Mentor session: IS ANYBODY LISTENING?

  • Such an eye opener!

  • Super helpful, thanks so much Catherine.

  • Thank you so much for your time and knowledge transfer, it was really helpful!

  • Such an insightful session!! I feel I need to listen before I feel anything :)

  • Thank you Catherine for an amazing session, I have learned a lot!

  • Thank you Catherine ! Keep up the good work. Love to be a participant.

  • It was very informative session today. Please convey a sincere Thanks to Catherine. I look forward to revisiting that presentation a few times per year, just as a refresher.

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